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Mystic Mayhem Unleashed is the adventures of Max, who crash landed on an island and accidentally releases an evil wizard named Malwarp and now he must fix what he unleashed. Max will have to stop Malwarp from summoning evil forces to take over the world.  Fight your way though Malwarp’s minions and avoid traps along the way.

  • This game is a 2.5D single player platformer.
  • You can use keyboard or controller to play the game (please refer to key mapping on Help page for more info)
  • If your controller  is incorrectly mapped,  you can map your own keys/buttons on input mapping in Unity's input settings on startup

Thanks and Enjoy!

This is the demo version of the game,  for more information on the full version of the game please be sure to follow on the following:

Dev Blog: http://www.bitcorestudios.com

Twitter: @BitCoreStudios

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bitcorestudios

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/bitcorestudios


mystic-mayhem-unleashed-demo-windows-stable.zip 87 MB
Version 14 Dec 03, 2019
mystic-mayhem-unleashed-demo-linux-stable.zip 98 MB
Version 10 Dec 03, 2019

Install instructions

Please unzip the included file to a directory of your choice.  After that, run

"Mystic Mayhem Unleashed.exe" on Windows.

Development log

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